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How to Use 'FUCK'

Whether we like it or not, ‘bad words’ (aka: 'dirty words' or ‘curse words’) are part of every language. The interesting thing is, the reason they are ‘bad’ is often cultural. For example, why is ‘bitch’ a bad word? If you look up ‘bitch’ in the dictionary, you will find this: ‘a female dog’. To be honest, I have no idea how this word became offensive, but in most situations, it is. So, it’s important to understand how these words are used in language, even if you don’t want to use them (and especially if you do want to use them).

Before I explain, please understand, I am not suggesting you use these. Do whatever you want. I'm not your mom. I only want you to understand how some phrases are used so that when you hear them, you will understand. Whew. Let’s begin. Today we will learn about 'Fuck'.

1. Fucking

‘Fucking’ by itself is often used as an adjective very similar to ‘very’. People sometimes use it informally, around friends (which isn't so offensive). Sometimes people change ‘fucking’ to ‘freaking’ so they can say the same thing without actually cursing.


• This egg sandwich is fucking amazing!

• She's fucking crazy.

• That movie was so fucking scary; I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

• Fuck the fucking fuckers.

2. Fuck that / fuck —

‘Fuck that’ is used when you hear about something that doesn’t sound very enjoyable; something you don’t want to do.


• You want to move to Saskatchewan? Fuck that! (Saskatchewan is a cold place in Canada)

• Fuck job interviews. I’m going to start my own business!

3. Fuck this

People often say, ‘fuck this’ when they’re doing something and want to give up.


• I’ve been trying to fix my wifi all day. Fuck this.

• I can’t stay out here in the cold anymore, it’s freezing. Fuck this. I’m going inside.

4. Give a fuck

‘A fuck’ is similar to ‘a thing you care about’. If you do give a fuck, you care. If you don't give a fuck, you don’t care. I don’t give a fuck = I don’t care (but more rude)


• I don’t give a fuck about politics.

• Who gives a fuck about what other people think? Just do what you want to do!

5. What the fuck? (who the fuck, why the fuck)

This is used for confusion or dismay.


(You see something strange or unexpected) ‘What the fuck?!’

• What the fuck are you doing here?

• What the fuck is going on? I’m so confused.

• I saw you walking with another guy yesterday. Who the fuck was that?

• Who the fuck would keep a tiger as a pet?

• Why the fuck are you moving to Saskatchewan? You realize it’s a tundra, right?

• You want me to move to Saskatchewan with you? Why the fuck would I do that?

6. Fuck all

This basically means ‘nothing’.


• I did fuck all today. I need to get a fucking job.

• I put in 8 years of hard work and got fuck all for it.

7. Fuck off

It means either ‘go away’ or ‘waste time’ depending on the situation.


• Why are you still at my party? I thought I told you to fuck off. Get the fuck out of here!

• A: Would you like to take English classes?

• B: Fuck off.

• A: :(...

• We went to Taiwan to fuck off for a few days.

• Stop fucking off and get back to work.

8. Fucked

When you are in trouble or a bad situation, you are ‘fucked’.


• I can’t pay my credit card this month. I’m so fucked.

• If you do, you're fucked. If you don't, you're fucked. Either way, you're fucked.

9. Fuck it

This is used when you think you should not do something but change your mind and ‘just do it’ or 'throw caution to the wind'.


• A: Want to go to KTV?

• B: Are you fucking serious? It’s already 1 am.

• A: Yeah, so?

• B: Fuck it, let’s go.

10. A fuck-up

A failure or a loser is sometimes called a ‘fuck-up’.


• I always thought I was a complete fuck-up until I realized I was a yo-yo prodigy.

• Don’t be a fuck-up. Just fucking go for it!

11. Fucked up

This has two meanings. It either means 'a big mistake' or 'extremely bizarre'.


• Today I fucked up by using my mom's credit card to buy cigarettes. Now she knows!

• You really fucked up today. Don't do it again.

• I really fucked up this painting. I need to start over.

• Yesterday I saw a man standing beside the road holding a stick. Attached to the stick was a string. Attached to the string was a giant turtle, which was alive. It was the most fucked up thing I've ever seen.

12. Fuck yeah / Fuck no

These basically mean 'very yes' and 'very no' (which are both wrong). It's something you would say when you strongly agree or strongly disagree.


• A. Hey, let's go to the zoo.

• B. Fuck yeah. Let's go.

• A. Do you like tigers?

• B. Fuck yes. Everybody likes tigers. You don't like tigers?

• A. Fuck no, tigers scare the fuck out of me. They are fucking huge.

• B. You're a fucking wimp.

• A. Well, fuck you.

• B. Go fuck yourself.

• A. Why the fuck are we fighting? Let's go to the zoo.

• B. Fuck yeah!

13. Holy fuck

This is an exclamation used for amazement or fear.


• Holy fuck! You scared me! Don’t do that again.

• Holy fuck! Did you see that? That tiger just ate a whole chicken in one bite.

14. Fuck!

This is very simply, and exclamation when something very good, bad, or crazy happens.


• Fuck! I lost my application.

• They're serving free mojitos until 7pm. Fuck! It's unbelievable.

I have given you the weapons, use them at your own risk. And don't come crying to me if your grandma has a stroke after you tell her the pumpkin pie she made is 'out of this fucking world'.

I have given you the weapons--use them at your own risk. And don't come crying to me if your grandma has a stroke after you tell her the pumpkin pie she made is 'out of this fucking world'.


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carole mclane
Aug 05, 2023

When I hear the phrase "fucked up" it usually means drunk. I got really fucked up at the party last night


Who cares
Who cares
Aug 07, 2021

You're fucking hilarious, man! Why have you been stopped writing articles like that?


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